Profile of the firm

The firm deals with all aspects of intellectual property law, including

  • the filing of patents, trade marks, industrial designs and utility models, and their representation at all levels, including nullity and cancellation actions;
  • the handling and representation of unfair competition and copyright cases including software protection;
  • the drafting of license, purchase, assignments and related agreements in the field of intellectual property, and the conduct of the necessary negotiations;
  • the preparation of technical and legal opinions;
  • the organization of searches (e.g. patent and trade mark searches, company name searches, use investigations) and trade mark collision watches;
  • the handling of infringement cases and their representation before the courts
  • mediation for the alternative resolution of IP disputes.

Apart from intellectual property law, the firm is experienced in the related fields of commercial law such as company law, consumer protection and product liability.


Kador & Partner
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