The Logo

The firm´s logo is a stylized arch and a symbol for the broad scope of legal protection conveyed to intellectual property in the whole world.

Furthermore, the arch stands for the span of services the firm provides, from the technical and scientific field to the legal field. We support our clients in all respects of intellectual property.

Finally, the arch illustrates how the firm´s activities span the continents, bringing people together from all over the world, thus bridging boarders and language barriers. Under the shelter of this arch your intellectual property will be protected and defended consequently by our firm.

The logo is of course a registered trade mark and as such a example for the registration of graphic symbols.

Building Bridges

We assist our clients in securing intellectual property rights and defending them, but our further goals are to solve conflicts by agreements, to make mutually beneficial contracts and to find economical solutions – this is what we mean by "Building Bridges".


Kador & Partner
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